Why Consume More And More Darjeeling Black Tea Every Day?

Just as French have champagne, Indians have Darjeeling tea. Darjeeling produces the best black tea in the world. It is treasured for its light delicate muscatel flavor. It is rightly called “the Champagne of teas”. Himalayas house special qualities of this blend because plants grown in higher altitudes produce superior qualities of leaves than those growing in the lower altitudes. Black teas of Darjeeling have high demand in global market.

Why is there so much demand of Darjeeling black tea? The reason is very simple! The health benefits of this blend helps drinkers to maintain good health and, at the same time, enjoy drinking a fantastic refreshing drink. Have a look at some of the benefits of this beverage and understand why it is worth having a cup of Darjeeling brew every day.

Positive Aspects of Darjeeling Blends on Human Health

  • Helps in weight loss

This black blend has certain compounds that boost up metabolism of the body and thus, burn some extra calories every day. The amount might seem to be small but over a year, it adds up to a considerable amount. Weight control is best maintained if Darjeeling black blend is taken as it is, without any additives and milk.

  • Repairs damage of cancerous cell

Tea is rich in flavonoids, the antioxidant that fights cell damage. This compound regulates normal cycle of cells as well as reestablishes any damage cell cycle. This implies that it repairs DNA damage which can make cells cancerous. Studies have proved such benefits with black tea besides green blends.

  • Calms the nerves and refreshes the body

Caffeine content in black brew helps the drinker stay awake and L-theanine compound rejuvenates him. It activates the nervous system and enables the drinker to focus. Regular drinkers have lower cortisol level, stress hormone, than the non-drinkers. That is why black blends are a common drink in workplaces since it enhances attention.

  • Prevents bone loss at postmenopausal

Studies have shown that women drinking black brew have strong bones. It is also proved that men and women, more than 50 years of age, drinking black blends have lesser risk of hip fracture. Thus, bone health and tea is correlated to one another.Therefore, considering all these facts, it is good to start drinking black tea from Darjeeling. Darjeeling tea price is also quite affordable. One can have the taste of a wonderful beverage and contribute positively to one’s health.

The writer is an avid tea drinker and hence, has done research on different blends. He has found that Darjeeling black tea has immense benefits of a beverage. His articles contain valuable information about different kinds of blends and they are really helpful.